Fuck yeah to the kids who feel like they’re dying inside but still gather up the strength to roll out of bed, get dressed, and leave the house. You are strong and beautiful and worth so much more than you know. 

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EVERYDAY THE SAME DREAM is an art game about alienation and refusal of labour. You are a faceless, unnamed man going about his business. The game has alternatives endings. Will you end up going to work and working in a little cubicle like every day, or will you take another route and do something different for once? 


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this is the most TERRIFYING game i think ive ever played

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quick lil comic

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Te quiero.
Gracias por que vives,
porque ayer me dejaste tocar tu luz más íntima
y porque dijiste con tu voz y tus ojos lo que
yo esperaba toda mi vida. —Frida Kahlo  (via hachedesilencio)

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this movie is the scariest shit

the scariest part is that this is exactly how most parents are

have you seen this movie i can assure you this is definitely not the scariest part

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no homo

sapiens. only homo superior. don’t talk to me unless you are telekinetic or a shapeshifter of some kind

calm down magneto

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I’m not sure what I just witnessed, but I enjoyed it.

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